Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Hill

Walking up the hill tonight
when you have closed your eyes.I wish I didn't have to makeall those mistakes and be wise.Please try to be patientand know that I'm still learning.I'm sorry that you have to seethe strength inside me burning.But where are you my angel now?Don't you see me crying?And I know that you can't do it allbut you can't say I'm not trying.I'm on my knees in front of himbut he doesn't seem to see me.With all his troubles on his mindhe's looking right through me.And I'm letting myself downsatisfying youAnd I wish that you could seethat I have my troubles too.Looking at you sleepingI'm with the man I know.I'm sitting here weepingwhile the hours pass so slow.And I know that in the morningI'll have to let you goand you'll be just a manonce I used to know.But for these past few dayssomeone I don't recognize.This isn't all my fault.when will you realize?Looking at you leaving, I'm looking for a sign

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